Welcome to my site - I'm glad you found it !

My name is Dominik Messmer and
I live nearby Frankfurt/Main in Germany

Before I explain some of my reasons for this here,
let simply "Frankie" say what it is all about :

"Listen, do you want to know a secret?
Move with me inside the strange world
of the twelve inch.
Where nothing is at it seems,
where everything has it's place,
and there's a place for everything.
And anything can happen..."

(from "Rage Hard - The Slam Bam Mix"
by "Frankie Goes To Hollywood")
What you find here is:

I explain my way to restore
music from vinyl records ...

The best ways to clean vinyl record
in a perfect way ...

Link to my collection on discogs and
a simple text-file of my CD-Rs with
"wild recorded" and compiled tracks ...